southern romanticism

Southern Living House

The sponsor of this project, Southern Living magazine, requested a home that reflected the desires and aspirations of their Southern readership, while offering a model for home building in the South. This opportunity allowed the firm to define contemporary ideas of traditional living in the South through an architecture that captured both the Southern lifestyle and the firm’s expansive knowledge of traditional building. With its site in the Texas Hill Country, the house needed to reflect its locale; yet capture a ubiquitous character found throughout the South. Therefore, as stone is a natural building material of the area’s Texas vernacular, a palette of warm sandstone commonly used throughout the Southern United States was chosen to render the Southern European forms of the architecture. The project's true challenge was its schedule, which required that design and construction be completed within 7 months.

The composition and organization of the house is visually ambiguous, thus allowing for a seemingly unintentional romanticism, rendered in a natural and picturesque manner.


Due to the nature of the “show house,” the home was designed and built within a matter of months – with masons, ironsmiths and timber framers set up on-site working shoulder to shoulder as a community of craftsmen.