Galveston, Texas
4,000 Sq. Ft.
Susan B. Bozeman Designs
Jim Keeter

The Coastal Living house in Beachtown was inspired by Galveston’s rich architectural heritage. Coastal houses along the Gulf of the 19th Century were often of simple wood construction. The interiors of these houses were expressive of the building’s nature: wood sheathing meant to give the building lateral strength was expressed at times simply as painted 'one-by' boards, but more often it was elaborated as 'v-groove' or beadboard with its many variations.

Exterior view of beach house with wraparound porches
The delicate Victorian lines of
this Beachtown residence evoke
a time when Galveston was the
Belle of the Gulf Coast

Elements such as a central light monitor were used to introduce natural light to the interiors, while also doubling as a ventilation chimney allowing air movement to augment natural cooling.

Blueprint sketch of beach house side exterior
Living room with floor to ceiling windows
Porch staircase leading to door

Coastal buildings were a product of their environment and were all reflective of the climate, staying cool with tall triple-hung windows, high ceilings, cross ventilation and sleeping porches, all designed to take advantage of cooling sea breezes.

Blueprint sketches of beach house elements
The Coastal Living House sought to
reflect these traditional characteristics while
employing modern hurricane-hardened
building practices
Dining area with table and chandelier