Michael G. Imber Architects is a modern classical design firm based in San Antonio, Texas. Our projects work to promote an American architecture reflective of and informed by our many different cultural histories and modern lifestyles across the country.

Hand of Man
Craft enriches the houses
we build and the lives of the
owners and craftspeople
Listen to the Land
There is a holistic, authentic
relationship between our
architecture and the
natural landscape
Informed by Travel
Our buildings reflect refined
sensibilities informed by
world experiences
Our buildings seek to
possess a soul that connects
us to the poetics of
space and material
We build legacy buildings,
respectful of land and
communities, that are
loved for generations
Contact Us
If you are thinking of building in an enduring and authentic way, we would love to hear from you. If you are seeking a career with an architectural studio that is passionate about cultural influence on the continuum of architecture, please join us.
The Art of the Architect
Celebrating the role that drawing
and watercolors play in architecture

We are pleased to be continually recognized and awarded for our achievements in building lasting and enduring works of architecture in ever diverse and varied landscapes. We are excited to share some of the Awards, Publications, Achievements and Accomplishments of our studio.