Ocean Tower

Alys Beach, Florida
4,000 Sq. Ft.

The project took precedent from the dense courtyard archetypes of Antigua and Guatemala while capturing the aesthetics of Bermuda envisioning pure white-washed structures silhouetted by/against the cobalt sea off the Florida Coast.

A deductive process of design,
similar to that of a sculptor carving
from a block of white marble

Simple wood elements of railing windows and doors were expressed in contrast into the pure white mass. 

An exotic air to the language
was achieved through simple
straight-forward tectonics, while
avoiding literal historic references

Architectural elements such as the buttresses of the piano nobile, not only block the intense South Florida sun, but radiate light back into the space, illuminating the materials within.

Building to the street on two sides creates a “Gateway” from the sea to the town.