San Antonio, Texas
10,300 Sq. Ft.
Steve Spalten

Sited adjacent to a neighborhood park and overlooking a greenbelt, the Turnberry Residence forms are influenced by the country houses of England, but find their true local expression through the material combination of Texas limestone, white oak, and tile. Alluding to the more formal aspects of the site and the bordering community park, the octagonal timber frame library and cut stone dining room become an extension of the public face of the house, both standing proud of the main house as pavilions in a more refined landscape.

The house sits within a grove
of oak trees that encourage
its non-axial arrival path

Inspired by a dovecote in Northern France, the library balances its lofty timber frame, iron chandelier and expansive windows with the warmth of smaller-scaled oak bookshelves and paneling.

Within this more natural landscape, the lower terrace’s open-air pavilion focuses on the pool and fountains, overlooking a creek and rustic gardens.

The principal living spaces align along the main axis connecting the entry, Library, Living Room, Kitchen and Breakfast though the cut stone wainscot, timber ceilings, and oak paneled and plaster wall.