Rancho Sabino Grande

Utopia, Texas
30,000 Sq. Ft.
Peace Design

Set within the rare and beautiful riparian valley of the gin-clear Sabinal river west of San Antonio, this large ranch headquarters occupies a bluff overlooking a meadow lake, the twisting cypress line of the Sabinal river and the dramatic limestone crests of the Hill Country.

The ranch residence is constructed
of solid masonry in keeping with the
owners’ desire for a structure built
to last generations
The materials for the ranch were to be real and lasting; connecting to both the rich heritage of the frontier buildings of Texas, and to those expressive of sophistication and a knowledge of the fine materials of the world.

Interiors are finished with premium woods including cypress, pecan and oak, much of which was harvested from and milled on the ranch property.

A house of solid masonry, married to the bluff, was softened with the incorporation of hand-carved antique wood dredged from the bottom of forgotten swamps and ancient stone honed from the extinct quarries of antiquity.

Hidden off the bluff below
the pool is the Rondeval,
reminiscent of the client’s
travels to Africa
A retreat meant to take one
to some distant exotic place,
overlooking a vista akin to the
plains of Africa