Butcher Ranch

Gonzales County, Texas
1,200 Sq. Ft.

Mr. Butcher’s German heritage and the location of the ranch played a large role in the influence of precedent, but it was his family background in shipping and his love of wooden boat building that drove the overall concept of the house. The vision of a schooner on a sea of prairie grass took hold, with the large smoke stack at the helm and the bracketed wood balcony on the prow.

Green interior room with staircase, armoire and cow skull
Farmhouse with a wide front porch
Thick exterior walls were
hand-troweled sheetrock to
emulate plaster over stone
Sitting room with fireplace

The clean German aesthetic works well for the compartmentalized interiors: every function has its place in the modest house.

Screened front porch with rocking chairs
White farmhouse at sunset
Small windows in the
austere mass shine
as portals at night