event of the hunt

Rancho Dos Vidas

Located in the scrub county between San Antonio and Laredo, Rancho Dos Vidas was built as a ranch headquarters and family hunting lodge for an Aspen couple. The compound draws its forms, geometry, and details from the Spanish colonial archetypes of south Texas and northern Mexico: missions, haciendas, presidios, and public places familiar to the outposts of the frontier. The lodge is approached along the natural path of the Sendero, cut through the brush from the north and surmounting a small hill overlooking a lake. The organization of the compound acts as a foil to the surrounding wilderness.


The primary force behind the program and plan is the ‘event of the hunt,’ allowing the elements and their organization to be informed by the process of hunting in Texas while offering a variety of experiential spaces.


Through timber and iron gates, one enters a court guarded by protective walls and the sentinel cistern that holds the harsh Texas surroundings at bay.

The utilitarian space of the kitchen expands into the veranda through arches, punctuated with large ornamental windows that open onto a protected kitchen courtyard.